2022, Stockholm


Hair, style and colour studio for award-winning colourist and stylist Sofia Geideby. 220 square meter basement in Stockholm, formerly used as an office space, was stripped down to its over hundred-year-old original state, revealing beautiful concrete walls and an industrial steel structure.


The colour scheme is a muted version of the three primary colours – yellow, blue and red. The entire space was painted in a creamy, powder yellow tint. A muted backdrop adding to the colorful creations of Little Faktory.


Light, free-standing additions in basic geometrical shapes form the base for the cutting stations and partition wall. Along one of the concrete walls the cutting stations are kept to a minimum, comprised of a wall mounted, floating side table, circular wall mounted mirrors and square shaped display shelves. The placement of the mirrors creates infinity effects of colours and shapes, adding to the openness and playful feel of the studio. Along the back wall three sets of custom made, glazed double doors, reveal a colour lab, a VIP-studio, and an office space.


For the photo studio a custom colour Gustaf Westman mirror was commissioned. Neon-designer Josefin Eklund was commissioned to light up the entrance stairway.


Photos by Mikael Olsson