ICA Stop Supermarket

2024, Stockholm


w.k.a.  teamed up with the internationally renowned creative agency Snask and graphic designer Jens Nilsson to create a brand new supermarket concept for ICA Stop, part of the largest supermarket chain in Sweden. The brief was to completely rebrand the store and produce a new brand and shopping concept “not like any other supermarket in Sweden”. The store had been given many smaller additions over the years without an overall design direction. Together with Snask, we redesigned the 2,200-square-metre store outside of Stockholm, refreshing its interior and overall identity. Our main goal was to create a more personal shopping experience. We did this by modernising the brand and giving it a concept as the culinary dream come true. We created different themed stations where you could interact with the staff; a juice & smoothie bar (the pink bar), a vegan butchery station, a sea food & champagne bar and a main delicacy station, reminiscent of a market hall. We fine tuned the entire space against a new backdrop of soothing soft blue allowing for the fresh produce to become the leading actor with its rainbow hues. The market hall slithering like a friendly serpent presenting an array of cheese, meats and cold cuts, guiding you through the culinary wonderland without disturbing the colours of food and packaging. We made sure to blur the lines between a regular supermarket and the nirvana of a chef, turning shopping into an experience.


Photos by Mikael Lundblad & Jesper Westblom




ICA Stop supermarket designed as a ”culinary dream come true”



”Nordens bästa matbutik”